The Return of Pompey Dhobi Dust


Portsmouth’s naval history inspires new laundry soap range.


Portsmouth based natural skincare company Southsea Bathing Hut started with a mission to revive the city’s soap-making heritage. This month, it has released a new product line inspired by that industry’s naval origins.


Dhobi Dust is traditional Portsmouth Laundry Soap. Company Director Samantha Worsey explains, “Portsmouth’s soap industry started by serving the navy, 400 years ago. There were a lot of uniforms to wash. At that time, laundry soap was totally natural; a long way from the chemicals and artificial fragrances used in most washing powder, tablets and liquids today.”


Southsea Bathing Hut’s Dhobi Dust takes its name from ‘Jack Speak’, which is Portsmouth naval slang. ‘Dhobi’ refers to the laundry service on-board naval ships.


Made from minerals and vegan soap flakes, Dhobi Dust is completely natural. It is available in two fragrances. Splendid Blend is described a ‘a fragrant combination of gentle and uplifting floral aromas’ and Ooh La Lavender is a ‘subtle, relaxing and contemporary lavender fragrance’.


Samantha says, “We trialled Dhobi Dust last summer. The response was really positive. People were very happy with the washing experience. Customers have told us there’s no need for a separate fabric conditioner when using Dhobi Dust. We’ve had a lot of people ask us when we’re making more. So we decided to make Dhobi Dust a permanent part of our range.”


Dhobi Dust is currently an online exclusive.  Read more and buy here

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