Why use our natural shaving soap and how is it different?

As a natural skincare company we don’t use typical synthetic foaming ingredients, such as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), to create lots of foam and bubbles. Instead, we use raw coconut oil as a mild foaming agent, creating a soapy lather that is ‘close and creamy’.

A thick lather isn’t necessary for our Shaving Soaps to be effective. That’s because the high natural glycerin content in our Shaving Soap provides the lubrication your razor needs for a close, smooth shave.

There are huge skincare advantages of using coconut oil instead of foaming agents such as SLS.

Firstly, a lot of people have low tolerance to cheaper synthetic foaming agents (so our products are suitable for people with sensitive skin). Ever felt your skin is dry after shaving? You won’t have to put up with that anymore!

Secondly, as well as creating a close creamy lather, the coconut oil has an active benefit for skin. It draws out toxins, moisturising skin and enhancing the production of sebum in the skin (thereby assisting with skin health and cell regeneration).

Also, research has shown that the kind of big bubbles created by foaming agents like SLS make you more likely to cut your skin while shaving. Air from the bubble enters the pores of your skin. When your razor crosses over affected pores, the smooth passage of your razor is disrupted, which can cause an irritating nick.

A synthetic foaming ingredient, such as SLS, has no benefit for the skin. But SLS does enable you to apply lather to the whole face at once, knowing it will stay in place for a long time if not ‘shaved through’.

If you find the creamy lather from our Shaving Soaps is dissipating before you complete your shave, we advise applying the soap and shaving one area of your face at a time – e.g. right side of face to jawline; right side of face below jawline, etc. It is an adjustment to what many guys are used to, but the benefits to skin are worth it.

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