Our Story

We make artisan skincare products, body and bathing accessories.

- Calming, refreshing & reviving

We live on the coast and it inspires everything we do. Once upon a time our city, Portsmouth, used to be known for its soap. We started with a mission to bring that heritage back to life. Now, we bring you a whole range of products, designed to make your skincare experience as restorative as a soothing trip to the seaside.

- Made by hand, with passion

Every product is lovingly handmade and packaged by us in small batches, using traditional methods. Our original recipes are totally unique.

- Lots of goodies, never any nasties

We use the highest quality, natural ingredients with the best benefits for your skin. Our products are gentle and suitable for all skin types. They’re never tested on animals and are free from sulphates, artificial colourings, artificial fragrances, chemical preservatives and palm oil. In fact, our stuff is so natural it’s classed as vegan.

A proud resident of Southsea, Portsmouth, Samantha taught herself to make soap using the traditional ‘cold process’ method - the way your grandparents might have made it. Her family and friends loved the little bars they’d get for birthdays and in their Christmas stockings.

Then, one day, Samantha read about Portsmouth’s long-lost heritage as a soap-making city. She decided to bring it back. And so a little while later, on a fresh spring morning at a local market, Southsea Bathing Hut was born.

From the very first day, customers loved Samantha’s moisturising soaps. So much, they wanted more. They asked her, ‘Can you make balms for sore hands?’ and ‘Could you make something to pour into my bath?’ and ‘Will you make a scrub?’

And she said, ‘Yes.’ That’s just how she is.

Today, Samantha and her little team pour all their passion into a range of handcrafted skincare products. Each one is unique. We don’t use fancy equipment – just the right amount of time and an abundance of care.

You can rest easy in the knowledge that every single ingredient in Southsea Bathing Hut products is totally natural. We carefully blend vegetable oils, essential oils, clays, flowers and speciality oils. Our stuff is vegan and kind to all skin types. For fragrance, we only use essential oils, just like aromatherapy.

We test all our cosmetics on ourselves – never on animals. What’s more, we comply fully with EU legislation. Our full range has been chemically certified free from any nasties. So you can scrub, soothe and lather away with confidence.

We’re passionate about giving you the best skincare experience possible. With beautiful fragrances, helpful ingredients and quirky little names, our stuff is great for the skin and good for the soul. Just like a dip in the sea.