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    We always take health and hygiene seriously here at Southsea Bathing Hut. Whether in our making space, shop or treatment room.


    As a team, we’re all very much fit, healthy and responsible.  We're continually monitoring the health of our team.


    We are have read, understood and agree to closely adhere to the current advice and government guidlines.


    In line with government recommendations, we have taken extra steps to ensure our customers and staff remain happy and safe. These are as follows:

    • In accordance with government guidance, we respectfully request that you arrive to your appointment wearing a face mask or covering.  This is mandatory for all enclosed spaces from 24th July 2020. A fresh mask will provided for you to wear during your treatment, as necessary
    • We are limiting treatment times to up to 45 minutes per person
    • Our Natural Skincare Therapist will thoroughly wash her hands before and after each treatment, in accordance with NHS guidelines.  She will also apply hand sanitiser as a double precaution and use this throughout the treatment as necessary and wear gloves during all waxing appointments
    • Our therapist will wear a face shield visor throughout your treatment.  In accordance with government guidance. she is not also required to also wear a mask but can do so, if you wish
    • Clean and fresh towels, wipes and other linens are provided for each and every client during all Body, Facial, Foot and Head Treatments
    • Our couch face hole will be cleaned and sanitized, and fitted with a fresh disposable 'face hole cover', between every client  
    • For waxing appointments, our treatment bed will be covered in a PVC cover, plus fresh eco couch roll (made of recycled cartons) for every client.  The couch roll will be safely disposed and PVC cover cleaned and sanitized between every client
    • Any common tools used by our therapist during treatments will cleaned with hot soapy water and placed in our UV sanitizer cabinet between each client
    • Daily tools are sanitised with our UV sanitizer machine
    • All 'pot' products are used with spatulas. NO double dipping!
    • All other products are wiped down with a clean cloth and alcohol spray between each client
    • All surfaces (such as - but not limited to - door handles, furniture, clothes basket, etc) which could come into contact with our clients will be is sanitized with alcohol spray between each client
    • Side surfaces are wiped down with clean cloth and antibacterial spray between each client
    • A naturally antibacterial essential oil aromatherapy diffuser is burning throughout the day
    • A window will be kept open throughout your treatment for ventilation
    • Our Treatment Room will be fully aerated between each client, via an industrial air mover


    If you have any questions or we can provide further reassurance, please call us on 023 9229 3322.




    As per our booking terms, during this usual and difficult time, we understand if you have to cancel your appointment due to illness or because you are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19.


    If you are feeling unwell or are required to self-isolate, please notify us immediately on 023 9229 3322 or email We will promptly release your appointment slot for public booking and reschedule your appointment to an alternative date and time within 30 days of the original booking. Otherwise, deposits are lost.  If you are unable to attend your rescheduled appointment, we will reschedule it again for a period within 1 year of the original booking.


    Clients who no-show lose their deposit or one treatment from their course/package or gift voucher if that's the method of payment.


    As a small, community-minded business, we want to act responsibly and ensure our customers are happy and safe. We hope you will continue to support us during these unusual times and be mindful of the financial challenges we are likely to face over the coming months.  By rescheduling your appointment, you will help to protect our financial viability as a microbusiness with constant overheads and responsibility for staff.